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Permanent Magnet Generator suppliers
Permanent magnet DC motor
The permanent magnet DC motor with brush can be divided into permanent magnet brushless DC motor and permanent magnet brush DC motor. Permanent magnet DC motor is a DC motor with permanent magnet magnetic field is established. The permanent magnet DC motor is widely used in various portable electronic equipment or apparatus, such as tape recorders, VCD machine, electric phonograph electric massager, and various kinds of toys, but also widely used in automobile, motorcycle, hand dryer, electric bicycle battery, car, ship, aviation, machinery and other industries, but also has wide application in some high-tech products such as video cameras, copiers, mobile phone, bank currency-counting machine, precision machine, banknote bundling machine.
In stage lighting, the permanent magnet DC motor, especially the small permanent magnet dc gear motor amount is very large. The computer industry of printers, scanners, hard drives, CD-ROM drive, recorder, cooling fan and so have to use a large number of permanent magnet DC motor.
All kinds of fan, the automotive industry in the wipers, the spray pump, extinguisher, rearview mirror, pump is used in a variety of permanent magnet DC motor. The automatic door in the hotel, automatic door locks, automatic curtain, automatic water supply system, soft towel machine are used in permanent magnet DC motor, weapons and equipment, permanent magnet DC the motor is widely used in artillery, missiles, satellites, spacecraft, ships, aircraft, tanks, rocket, radar, tanks and other occasions.
In industry and agriculture, the permanent magnet DC motor is widely used in electrical and automation control and instrumentation. In medical terms, the permanent magnet DC motor use more, such as a variety of medical instruments, surgical tools, such as surgical operation in the electric saw bone knife, especially all kinds of instruments in field operation basically is the permanent magnet DC motor for the disabled. In products, such as mechanical hand, disability and other vehicles are used in permanent magnet DC motor. More useful in life, and even a toothbrush with a permanent magnet DC motor made of electric toothbrush. Application of permanent magnet DC motor is really too numerous to mention can be said to be everywhere,.
With the development and application of permanent magnetic DC motor will be more, the original use of many cases of AC motor are replaced by permanent magnet DC motor. Especially the emergence of permanent magnet brushless DC motor, permanent magnet DC motor production quantity rises constantly. Up to all our annual production of billions of permanent magnet DC motor more than the production of permanent magnet DC motor manufacturers are too many to count.
Welcome to buy the professional three-phase/high speed/dc permanent magnet generator made in China from our factory. As one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in China, we also offer you the customized service with competitive price.
Contact Us:
Jiangsu Titan New Energy Technology Development Co.,Ltd
Add: NO.211 Renmin West Road, Hudai Industrial Park, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province ,China
Mobile :+86 181 6885 4031
Skype:181 6885 4031
Whatsapp:181 6885 4031
Web: www.titanwindturbine.comPermanent Magnet Generator suppliers

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