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China section steel for building factory
Steel structure metal beam for sale
I-beam also known as steel beam (English name can be called Universal Beam), is a cross-section of the shape of the long steel bar. I-beam is divided to ordinary steel I-beam, light I-beam and H-beam, three kinds, which is a cross-sectional shape of the groove-shaped steel.
Ordinary steel I-beam, light I-beam has formed a national standard, ordinary 10 # I-beam is equivalent to the international I100 (such as 10 # steel channel equivalent to the channel U100) (because the execution of the standard is different, resulting in their specifications. There are subtle differences.)
Steel I-beams are widely used in various building structures, Bridges, vehicles, stents, machinery, etc. Material I-beam should be used according to the design requirements of the drawings. In the structural design, the choice of quality I-beam should be based on its mechanical properties, chemical properties, weldability, structural size, etc. to choose a reasonable I-beam for use.

The purpose of ordinary I-beam is equivalent to HN steel.
H steel, whether ordinary or light, because the section size are relatively high, narrow, the moment of inertia of reason of section two spindle difference is bigger, so it can only be applied directly to the bending in its web plane of the component or its lattice stress components.
On axial compression member or perpendicular to the plane and curved web member all should not be used, which makes its on the application range is very limited.China section steel for building factory

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